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Selected Discography

Kim Carnie 'And So We Gather' Piano on 'She Moves Me' (2022)

Hannah Rarity 'To Have You Near' piano/harmonium/arranger (2022)

James Duncan Mackenzie 'Fìbhig' piano/harmonium (2022) 

James Lindsay 'Torus' rhodes/keyboards (2021)

Staran 'Staran' producer/piano/harmonium/rhodes/percussion (2021)

David Foley & Jack Smedley ‘Time to Fly’ drums (2020)

Siobhan Miller ‘All is Not Forgotten’ piano (2020)

Kris Drever ‘Where the World is Thin’ piano (2020)

Twelfth Day- ‘Face to Face’ drums (2019)

Amy Paparansky- ‘Read me Write’ drums (2019)
James Duncan Mackenzie- ‘Sròmos’ producer/drums/piano/rhodes/harmonium (2018)

Siobhan Miller- ‘Mercury’ piano/rhodes/keyboards/hammond organ (2018)
Hannah Rarity- ‘Neath the Gloaming Star’ arranger/piano/drums (2018)

Blue Rose Code- ‘The Water of Leith’ drums/piano/wurly (2017)

Adam Holmes and the Embers- ‘Midnight Milk’ piano/rhodes (2017)

Kim Carnie- ‘Na Cuideachd- In Her Company’ piano (2017)
Blue Rose Code- ‘And Lo! the Bird is on the Wing’ drums (2016)

Adam Holmes and the Embers- ‘Brighter Still’ piano/keyboards (2016)

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